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Images and graphics. Code for image

    On your webpage you would like to place some graphics, wouldn't you? And there are some ways to make your website more coloristic. The first is to make background different from nothing. In <BODY> tag you may set attribute BGCOLOR="RED" for example. And background will become red. But if you want to place image there you may set another attribute - BACKGROUND="path_to_image_file.jpg". And image will multiple in the background. E.g. if you placed small image(15x15) this will be like: 


    To make webpage more beautiful and with some designers features you have to learn CSS. Every element will have a style with some attributes. About the basics of <IMG> tag read here. There are WIDTH, HEIGHT and ALT attributes of <IMG> tag. But there are other attributes of this tag to make your webpage's design better. First attribute I would tell is BORDER. This sets border's width around the image.

Imgages and graphics. Code for image

    The next is ALIGN. Like in paragraph's tag <P> this means overflow of text and position of image. But only 2 values. Left and right.

Imgages and graphics. Code for image some text


Imgages and graphics. Code for image some text


    Attribute HSPACE sets horizontal space to an overflow content. Sets in pixels. <IMG SRC='yourimage.jpg' HSPACE='15'> will looks like:

Imgages and graphics. Code for imagesome text

    Like horizontal there is vertical space. VSPACE attribute. <IMG SRC='yourimage.jpg' VSPACE='15'> will looks like:

some text
Imgages and graphics. Code for image

    This is main graphical HTML features to make webpage more beautiful. If you want to make a some report within table like in MS Excell there will be some about <TABLE> tag in the next article.

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